Alone (Music Vid)

“Alone is a self-reflective song depicting many ways in which I feel alone -- wanting to take care of everything myself, not sharing my feelings with anyone, and only really exposing the core of my being in music. Big Soda handled most of the elegant first half production, I did the grittier second half. The split-screen video is playing off of that duality.”

Dancing! (Album promo)

What I Learned In Boating School Is (Music Vid)

“The Spongebob-referencing rap/psych rock track delves into my work oriented mindset that can often lead to stress and paralysis. The music video, directed by me, is a single take sock puppet show chronicling the story of a man quitting the monotony of everyday life to do what he loves.”

Stupid Song Titles (EP)

“Stupid Song Titles is an EP I made where all the song titles are stupid. I just think it’s funny that I cover topics like my stance on religion and self doubt all wrapped up in songs with dumbass names. All songs were produced by me & Big Soda”

Fermi's Paradox (Single)

Fermi's Paradox is a genre bending pop-rock/hip hop song based upon the scientific concept of the same name. The actual Fermi's Paradox asks, "If life in our galaxy is probable, where is everybody?" I'm drawing upon a parallel asking, "If I'm really as good as I think I am, where are my fans? Where is everybody?"